The Kenya Project

After my first trip to Kenya in 2009 it’s been an ongoing ambition to film a documentary on the people of Kenya and the string of interconnected social issues that have evolved for the people and the place. The Kenya Project will officially launch in 2014. Follow our progress on Facebook.


The RAW exhibition was a lot deeper and darker than Liberty, shown in Hamburg Germany in 2010.
Representing more my 30's and the misfortunes that had taken place in my life.
The exhibition on a whole was a rather uplifting experience but there were heavy undertones. It was a one night only show held in the stunning apartment where I lived over 5 years . RAW was an amazing experience and I would love to eventually publish a coffee table book.


Liberty was my first exhibition held in Australia in 2007.
Approximately 400 images taken across the world. The Liberty exhibition was dynamic and colorful, representing the freedom I had in my 20s and the discovery of photography.